13th Annual Conference of the German Society for Research in Higher Education (GfHf) | 12th-13th April 2018

Place and space in higher education: past, present and future visions of physical and virtual realities

Call for Papers

The review process was concluded on 25nd January 2018.

The call for abstracts closed on 30th November 2017.

It is possible to interpret the phrase „The place and space of higher education“ in many different ways. We may immediately think of learning and research environments and the physical shape and layout of buildings in campus sites. We may also consider how these blend into city or country landscapes or the surrounding region. Alongside the physical substance, however, the terms also encompass the networks of all those working within the higher education sector and the status of higher education in society in general.

Because of new teaching and learning formats and opportunities, globalisation, the consequences of digitalisation and changes in student demographics, we need to think about new spatial solutions for higher education, which we wish to explore at our conference by looking at how the place and space of higher education has been occupied and interpreted in the past, but also by addressing present ideas and considering future scenarios and interpretations. To this end we request abstracts which engage with these themes.

Please submit your abstract of max. 500 words, including name of track in which the presentation should appear via our conference plattform (see button below).The call for abstracts closes on 30th November 2017. It is possible to submit abstracts for single or group presentations, posters, or panel discussions. The review process will be concluded by 22nd January 2018.

Please include the following points in your abstract.

  • Research question(s) and relevance
  • Theoretical framework
  • Methods, database (if empirical research)
  • (Expected) results
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